d-Lenolate® with Manapol®




Smelling Good! Feeling Good! Looking Good!
The Healing Power of d-Lenolate® with Manapol® (30 capsules x 500mg)
100% all-natural dietary supplement an immune system booster
Combines the health promoting benefits of both the olive leaf (d-Lenolate®) and Aloe Vera L. plant (Manapol®)
Promotes immune enhancement to fight infectious microbes and toxins
High quality nutrients derived from patented extraction process of d-Lenolate® and patented “products by process” of Manapol®
Assists with:
Weak immune system
Influenza (Flu)
Infectious diseases (HIV, E. coli, Herpes, West Nile Virus, etc.)
Bacterial infections
East Park’s d-Lenolate® and Carrington Lab’s Manapol® have fused together into one mega-supplement of health and immune empowerment, Bringing together two of mother nature’s most beneficial nutrients, the duo offers double the immune empowerment to build, strengthen, and ensure a healthy immune system.

Supplement Facts
d-Lenolate® formulation is based on a patented extraction process of selected olive leaves that contain Oleuropein, which provides the protection you need from invading microorganisms that weaken the immune system.
Manapol® is purified natural extract from the inner gel of the Aloe Vera L. plant. Like the olive leaf, Aloe Vera is known for its beneficial qualities and helps stimulate healthy cell generation, as well as having immune enhancing properties. Carrington Labs has patented a “product by process” of the inner leaf of the Aloe Vera L. plant to ensure the highest quality of their product. From their company-owned farms in Cost Rica, Aloe Vera is organically grown year round in mineral rich volcanic soil. After the inner gel is removed, the active properties of Aloe Vera are stabilized by cold process, resulting in Manapol®, which effectively contains all the natural components found in fresh aloe.
​​Manapol® consists of acetylated mannans (Mannose) and other complex carbohydrates which hold the qualities of the aloe. Instead of being broken down with digestive system, the structure of Manapol® prevents these compounds from metabolizing so that they can reach the cell Like d-Lenolate®, these mannose then stimulate the cells that relieve your immune system. In addition to this function, Manapol® stimulates the production of other molecules involved in the immune response to specific conditions. Thus the addition of Manapol® strengthens immune response to what your body needs to fight infections, remove toxins and fine tune your immune system to help protect your body.
Recommended Use:

The amount of d-Lenolate® with Manapol® you should take varies according to the reason you are taking it.
For maintenance of good health and increased energy, 1-2 capsules daily is sufficient.
For conditions of ill health, 1-2 capsules should be taken three times a day.


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