Pau d’ Arco Tea




Pau D’ Arco Tea is a Powerful Antibiotic with Virus Killing Properties.

Pau d’ Arco Tea –PREPARATION: The most effective ratio is 3 tablespoons tea with one quart of distilled or processed water (3/4 cup per gallon). Add the tea to pot (glass or stainless steel) of cold water. After water starts to boil, “low boil” for at least 20 minutes. You may add more water to bring liquid level back to start level. You can make it a bit stronger if you have a health problem. DO NOT USE ALUMINUM OR TIN CONTAINERS. Pour the tea through a piece of linen cloth, tea strainer or coffee press device. Avoid extremely hot tea. You can add sweetener of choice. The tea stores well in the refrigerator.

DOSAGE: It is recommended that if you are afflicted with any serious disease that you drink at least four (8oz.) glasses a day as a preventative. Of all the cases that have been reported online, most have been helped in less than 4 months. Many afflicted with pain have seen relief in 1 to 3 days. THE TEA STARTS WORKING IMMEDIATELY! This tea is especially recommended for those who have not seen result from most prescriptions. You must continue to use the tea after recovery from your illness or your systems will reappear!
ENHANCEMENTS: You can increase the ratio of tea from 3 tablespoons to 4-6 tablespoons per quart. It’s recommended for someone with a virus disease. Any stronger doesn’t necessarily increase the effectiveness of the tea. You can add any sweetener to the tea such as honey, raw sugar or Stevia. Mixing with any fruit juice really improves the taste. Lime juice is wonderful. Liquid Pau D’ Arco Extract is not effective when used as a tea. It is chemically processed rather than heat processed. The Liquid Extract has very remarkable results when used for tooth and gum problems. Always carry a bottle when traveling. The extract can be used for serious tooth aches. Double strength tea or a poultice made from the tea grounds can be used for external applications of infected areas of the skin.
SIDE EFFECTS: Pau D’ Arco has no known serious side effects in the use of the whole bark. No clinically significant interactions between Pau D’ Arco and conventional medications are known to have been reported to date. If taken in very strong doses you may feel some slight nausea. Simply reduce the strength or intake of the tea. Nausea and/or slight diarrhea can be a sign that the tea is working and is purging your body of unwanted wastes. These systems should disappear in a day or two. Both the experience botanist Dr. Theodore Meyer and the physician Professor Walter Accorsi, who have intensively studied the applications of Pau d’ Arco, agree that Pau d’ Arco can be enjoyed quite safely by men, women, and children of all ages, and even by pregnant women. These systems have been reported online to help these complaints.

The Pau d’ Arco tea builds the immune system so the body can use the tool from the tea to rebuild itself – be healthy.





.Arterial Scierosis-


.Blood Deficiency-


.Candida Albicans-

.Candida Trichophyton-

.Circulation Problems-





.Energy Increase-


.Fungus Diseases-



.Granuloma Annulare-

.Hodgkin’s Disease-

.Infection- Inflamation-

.Kidney Diseases-


.Liver Disorders-


.Pain Relief-

.Parkinson’s Disease-






.Smokers Cough-

.Spleen Infection-





.Varicose Veins-

.Viruses All Types-


.Yeast Infection.


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