Mullein Leaf Cut




Mullein Leaf – Cut

Mullein Leaf soothes and strengthens the bowels and renal system, and is one of the most important for the glands and serous and mucous membranes. It stops the escape of fluids from ruptured vessels, and eliminates toxins.

• Used in all respiratory problems and pulmonary diseases.

• Loosens mucus and expels it out of the body.

• High in iron, magnesium, potassium, and sulphur.

• Calms spasms and is a natural pain killer.

• Helps to reduce swelling in glandular system.

• Oil or extract of mullein for eardrops.

Has been used for the following:



.Bronchitis Coughs

.Croup Earaches

.Emphysema Glandular swellings

.Lungs Joints, swollen, fomentation

.Pain Mucous membrane

.Pulmonary diseases Respiratory

.Sinus Sores

.Indicated Usages – Internal:

.Allergies, hay fever

. Asthma

. Bronchitis, emphysema

. Bruises

. Constipation

. Cough



. Hemorrhoids

. Insomnia

. Nervous distress

. Nicotine withdrawal

. Sinus congestion

. Whooping cough

.Swollen glands, lymphatic


.Indicated Usages – External:

.Boils, sores, abscesses

. Burns, rashes

.Conjunctivitis, eye irritation

.Swollen glands

.Ear infection, earache


. Toothache



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