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Immune Five-Immune 5 by North American Herb & Spice

Product Details For Immune Five-Immune 5:

Top 5 Immune Strengtheners in a Single Formula with Naturally-Sourced Zinc. Immune 5 is the power of liquid rock source zinc, whole food vitamin C, raw organic elderberry, wild oregano P73, and natively sourced cold pressed black seed oil. Each individual ingredient has its own set of immune supporting attributes which are well established in the natural supplement industry and by science. Even so, no one has ever thought to put these high-quality components together and combine their powers for the best results… until now. Supports a healthy respiratory, white cell, lymphatic, and inflammation response. Perfect for Daily Use.

Immune Five-Immune 5 How to Take:
Take at least one teaspoon daily. Add to juice or smoothies.

Immune Five-Immune 5 What’s Inside:

Black Seed Oil
Black Seed supports a healthy digestive system, immune system, cardiac processes and sleep. It also supports the overall health of the kidneys, the hormone system, and the skin due to vitamin E, sterols, sterolins, and vital omega-3s, -6s, and -9s. BENEFICIAL FOR:  Blood Sugar Support, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Hair, Skin & Nails, Heart Health, Stress, Mood & Sleep,

Camu Camu Berries
Only 100% wild, handpicked camu camu berries are used, gathered from along the banks of the Amazon River. An exceptionally rich source of vitamin C with up to 50 times higher density than oranges, our camu camu is a naturally buffered, whole food source of vitamin C and also is rich in bioflavonoids, which aid in vitamin C’s bioavailability. BENEFICIAL FOR:  Children’s Health, Immune System, Respiratory System.

Cinnamon is extremely healthy for the body. Ideal forms include the whole, ground cinnamon bark, along with the supercritical whole food extract. The whole, ground bark, ideally, from Ceylon cinnamon, is a healthy addition to turmeric for a Golden Milk beverage. Cinnamon, whether the oil extract or bark, helps support a healthy cognitive and digestive function, especially a healthy pancreatic function for supporting a healthy diabetic response. BENEFICIAL FOR:  Blood Sugar Support.

Obtained from the elder tree (Sambucus nigra), elderberries are dark, plum-colored fruit with highly cleansing properties for the respiratory, digestive and immune systems. The rich content of vitamin C, flavonoid and anthocyanins support detoxification in the lungs, throat, sinuses and skin by activating the body’s natural immune response, helping fight off viruses. BENEFICIAL FOR:  Immune System, Respiratory System.

Oregano Oil
Wild high mountain oregano oil P73. Handpicked at high elevations providing a diverse combination of natural terpenes and polyphenols. Steam distilled with deep spring waters it is the most potent and pure wild oregano oil available. No synthetics or solvents ever and never standardized. BENEFICIAL FOR: Immune System, Respiratory System.

Immune Five-Immune 5 is a good source of Vitamin C.

Full Ingredient List:
Zinc sulfate, Raw elderberry extract, Mycellized black seed oil, Wild P-73 Oregano Extract, Mycellized oregano oil, Mycellized cinnamon oil, Raw clover honey, Spring water, Vitamin C from raw, wild camu camu extract, Acerola cherry, Orange oil, Beet juice powder and Preservatol.

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