Organic Root Stimulator – Hair Mayonnaise




Hair Mayonnaise Organic Root Stimulator

Organic Root Stimulator Reconstructive Hair Mayonnaise:

Intensive Conditioning:

Treatment for damaged hair.

Enriched with olive oil, egg protein & herbs.
A rich blend of botanical extracts and herbs have joined forces with whole egg protein and olive oil to restore and renew dry, damaged hair.

This intensive reconstructive conditioning treatment moisturizes and strengthens damaged and over processed hair.

Each strand is bathed in a rich melange of essential oils, organic amino acids, and vitamin B5 to moisturize and to help

From the first application of Hair Mayonnaise, fragile hair will be rejuvenated with moisture and elasticity to mend split
ends and providing incredible body and shine.

Weekly Conditioning:

Shampoo hair with uplifting shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and towel blot.

Apply a generous amount of Hair Mayonnaise and gently massage into hair to insure even coverage from roots to ends.

Cover hair with plastic cap and let process under a warm hair dryer for 15 minutes or with a warm towel around the head.

Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and proceed with styling.

For severely damaged hair, add – 1 – egg to a generous amount of Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise and mix well.
Apply Hair Mayonnaise to towel-dried hair and cover head with plastic cap. Let conditioner sit on hair for 1-2 hours with warm towel around heat – do not use dryer. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and proceed with styling.


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