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About Hemp Seeds Shelled – Hemp Hearts – Hemp Nut – Hulled Hemp Seed:

Healthy Food For All Ages.
The nutritional composition of a hemp seed is incredible, in it’s perfect organic natural state hemp seed is considered by many to be the safest, most digestible, balanced, natural and complete source of protein, amino acids, and essential fats found anywhere in nature.

Hemp seed is 33% protein – Hemp seed is 35% essential fatty acid (Omega 3, 6, 9 and GLA) – Contains all 9 essential amino acids – Contains 6.2 x more Omega-3 than raw tuna – Contains an abundant source of GLA – Rich in trace minerals – High in dietary fiber.  After consuming only one serving of hulled hemp seed many people feel an elevated sense of awareness, mental clarity, and pure abundant energy that lasts all day.

Hulled Hemp Seeds is a beneficial and healthy food for the elderly, middle aged, teenaged, children, infant, and especially nursing mothers.

For best results consume 4 – 5 tablespoons with breakfast each morning for increased physical and mental energy that lasts all day.

One serving (4 tbsp. – 42 grams) Contains:  242 calories 31 mg calcium, 13.9 grams of protein 2 mg Iron, 11.0 grams omega 6 1.68 IU vitamin A, 3.8 grams omega 3 .58 mg vitamin B-I, 5.0 grams of carbohydrate 14 mg vitamin B-2, 2.0 g mono unsaturated fats 42 mg vitamin C, 4.2 mg sodium 3.8 grams vitamin E.

Benefits of Consuming Hulled Hemp Seed:

*Excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, *6 and GLA, *Increased energy levels & metabolic rate, *Lower blood LDL cholesterol levels, Lower blood pressure, *Improve cardiovascular circulation & function, *Improve organ function, Improve immunity levels, *Reduce symptoms of PMS & menstrual cramps, *Mood stabilization and mood enhancement, *Reduce inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis, *Improve recovery of muscles after exercise, *Reduce & treat dry skin and hair conditions, *Reduction of many degenerative diseases through preventative measures, *Hulled hemp seeds are GMO-free, *Gluten-free, Herbicide & Pesticide free, *Peanut free, *THC and Trypsin inhibitor free, *Vegetarian approved, *Kosher certified, *Organic certified and USDA approved.

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