Bell Bladder Control Tea (For Women)




Bell Bladder Control Tea (For Women)

Bell Bladder Control Tea (For Women) is a blend of specially selected teas for better bladder control and to help with urinary tract infection. Bell Bladder Control Tea (For Women) A natural herbal tea for:

.Urgency & bladder control

.Inconveniences & embarrassment

.Less getting up at night

.Less getting up at night

.Irritable bladder infections

Helps to avoid wearing padding or having surgery.
It’s a fact for many chronic ailmentsnatural health products – like this tea – can be much more effective without the side effect synthetic drugs may have.

• All natural ingredients

• Pleasing aroma

• No caffeine

• Bulk packed with instructions

INGREDIENTS: Cranberry, golden rod, marshmallow root, nettle, parsley, rosehips, uva ursi, willow herb, natural citrus flavors.

USAGE: 1 cup per day


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