Super Prostate Cleanse 90 Capsules




Super Prostate Cleanse

The prostate gland plays a key role in the male reproductive processes. Super Prostate Cleanse is a unique blend designed to support and nourish a healthy prostate gland.*

Benefits Include:

• May help maintain already healthy prostate functions*
• Formulated with Lycopene and Pygeum Bark


SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement for men, take 2 capsules three times daily. May be used regularly or one bottle every 5 months as part of the Total Body Cleanse System.

Super Prostate Cleanse is unique formulation designed to support and nourish the healthy functioning of the prostate gland.

The Total Body Cleansing System is designed to allow the body to focus specifically on one targeted cleanse at a time. This allows the body to process the product more efficiently and may help you gain significant benefits from your cleansing regimen.


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