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About ActiFem for Females:

With ActiFEM you can support the entire female endocrine response with whole food, unprocessed herbs, spices, and nutrient-dense foods. Support your ovaries, adrenals, thyroid and more with this single formula.


ActiFem Product Details:

Women desire a single formula which covers all their female health needs, supporting the hormone system and more.  ActiFEM is just that formula. A complex of royal jelly, wild Atlantic kelp, wild raspberry leaves, fenugreek, and fennel creates the ideal single formula you require.  To support a healthy hormone response, metabolism & mood response make use of it.  Take it daily for a whole body health response. Nothing works for the body and cells like whole food and whole herbal complexes.

How to Take:
Take one or more capsules daily with or without meals.

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ActiFem for every generation:

Natural hormonal support specially formulated for women.
Fenugreek contains naturally occurring diosgenin which is used in the production of estrogen.
Sage provides support for the endocrine system.
Raw kelp is an excellent source for iodine.
Actifem is a natural source for trace minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium, and potassium.
Raspberry leaves contain natural fragarine, a hormone which supports women’s health.
Royal Jelly helps to support the adrenals and energy levels.
Royal Jelly is a natural source for B complex.

ActiFem and What’s Inside:

Fennel is a powerful complex for supporting overall digestive health.  It is also known for its potency for hormonal health, especially for balancing estrogen as well as for supporting breast health.  It is health-giving both as the ground, whole spice and also the extracted spice oil.  Use it to support a healthy digestive response for irritation and spasticicity and also for supporting against excessive gas and intestinal cramping.  BENEFICIAL FOR: Digestive System, Hormonal Health, Kidney & Bladder Health.

Kelp is nature’s sophisticated way to support healthy hormone function, especially the function of the thyroid and ovarian systems. It is crucial to get kelp from clean sources with reduced pollution risk, and because of contamination from Fukushima radiation Pacific Coast kelp is no longer desirable. Superior sources include the Icelandic area and Atlantic Ocean region. Use such high-quality kelp to support healthy thyroid, breast, and ovarian function while also supporting the health of the immune system and male gonads.  BENEFICIAL FOR:  Weight Loss, Whole Food.

Royal Jelly
Provides a host of nutrients, including amino acids, hydroxy acids, collagen, albumin, Riboflavin (B2), Pyridoxine (B6), pantothenic acid (B5), and naturally occurring steroids. A wonderful source of B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, steroids, and phospholipids, all of which are essential for nourishment.  BENEFICIAL FOR:  Age-Protecting, Energy, Hormonal Health, Men’s Health.

ActiFem is a good source of:  Plant Sterols, Polyphenols, Trace Minerals.

Full Ingredient List:  Fennel seed oil powder, Undiluted 3x wild royal jelly, Wild fenugreek, Wild raw kelp, Wild sage, Wild raspberry leaf, Pantothenic acid.

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