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Life’s Fortune Multi Vitamin & Mineral Advanced Energy Support:


~Vitamin A Beta Carotene protects mucous membranes of mouth, nose, throat and lungs. Our health , our very life, is dependent upon the    integrity of this vital lining which resist and destroys invading germs and bacteria.

~Vitamin C fights bacterial infections and reduces the effects of allergy-producing substances.

~Vitamin E -like vitamin C, a lack of vitamin E allows cells to break down because essential fatty acids, forming part of the cell structure, are destroyed by oxygen in its absence, hence clots can form rapidly. Selenium and vitamin E must both be present to correct a deficiency in either.


~Vitamin D properly utilizes calcium and phosphorous necessary for strong bones and teeth. Deficiency can cause tooth decay, soft bones, leg cramps and arthritis.

~B-Vitamins are needed in every one of the billions of cells in the human body. They prevent fatigue., mental depression, nervousness and an almost endless array of diseases. Deficiencies of B-Vitamins result from eating processed devitaminized foods. We need an abundance of B-Vitamins to eliminate stress.

~Biotin deficiencies, which can be caused by antibiotics, may produce eczema, dermatitis, heart trouble, lung infections, baldness, muscular soreness fatigue and mental depression.

~Niacin is essential for proper assimilation of starch, sugar, B-1 and B-2. A niacin deficiency may cause serious mental depression, insanity, dermatitis, diarrhea, tender gum, nausea, sleeplessness, coated tongue, sore mouth and nervousness.

~Pantothenic Acid is necessary for every cell in the human body. A mother’s milk is rich in Pantothenic Acid. But there is none in canned or pasteurized milk. Pantothenic Acid greatly increases strength and endurance. It helps to prevent aging.

~Folic Acid deficiency may cause fatigue, dizziness, mental depression, over pigmentation and shortness of breath. Nothing – not even a fingernail or hair – can grow without Folic Acid. There are more deficiencies of Folic Acid than any other vitamin.

~Choline helps promote healthy circulation, strengthens the walls of the blood vessel and helps to prevent cancer of the liver. It is a vital factor in making a strong, healthy liver.

~Inositol prevents and helps constipation, eczema, dermatitis, eye weakness, heart trouble, gas pains and poor appetite. Inositol and Choline combine in the liver to form Lecithin which helps to dissolve clots and prevent hardening of the arteries, strokes, heart attacks and multiple sclerosis.

~Paba helps correct both over and under pigmentation. Bioflavonoids strengthen blood vessels by increasing capillary strength. Aids in preventing bleeding gums and hemorrhoids.


Minerals are absolutely essential to the utilization of all nutrients.

~Calcium is needed for strong teeth and bones.

~Magnesium is needed for healthy nerves and a strong heart.

~Potassium deficiency can injure the adrenals and raise blood pressure. A lack of Potassium also causes muscle spasms.

~Phosphorous contributes to the continuous regeneration of the brain, nerves, arteries, blood vessels, organs and cells of the body.

~Zinc deficiency may help to cause prostatitis, infertility and low resistance to infections.

~Manganese deficiency has a tendency to cause muscle weakness and poor nerve responses.

~Iodine from kelp helps make a health thyroid upon which our very lives depend.

~Chromium works with insulin in the metabolism of sugar.

~Copper with other nutrients helps in the healing of wounds. Boron is needed in trace amounts for calcium uptake and healthy bone.


Protein is what we are made of.  It repairs every organ, gland tissue and cell of the entire body. It makes us youthful, vigorous, confident and enthusiastic.

ENZYMES:  Enzymes are vitally important for maintaining proper function of the body, digesting food and aiding in the repair of tissue.


~Spirulina, a pure food, contains concentrations of nutrients unlike any other single grain, herb or plant. It contains high amounts of B-12 needed for healthy red blood cell and has 60 – 70 percent protein content.

~Wheat Grass is a rich nutritional food that contains the greatest variety of vitamin, minerals and trace minerals. high content of chlorophyll.

~Montmorillonite , a living clay that contains approximately 15 minerals and many trace minerals. This wonderful clay can also absorb toxins in the body.

~Safflower Oil supplies much needed unsaturated fatty acids.

~Korean Ginseng has been used world wide as an anti-stress tonic and promotes better utilization of vitamins and minerals. Strengthens adrenal glands.

~Gotu Kola , an herb that helps to energize brain cells and improve the memory.

~Echinacea is known to stimulate the immune system by increasing white blood cell count. Boosts the body’s defense system.

~Chinese Green Tea is known to be the most powerful herbal antioxidant which decreases cell damage.
Octacosanol – studies indicate that Octacosanol is superior for improving endurance. It has been clinically proven to increase oxygen utilization when exercising.

Physical health, which is the basis for mental, emotional and spiritual development cannot be maintained without adequate nutrition. Sound nutrition stands as a fortress against disease. Vitamin deficiencies are a disease within. If you have read this far, you should understand what a supplement like Life’s Fortune ® can be worth to a nutrient deficient body. Balanced nutrition is the key to maintaining a healthy and vibrant life from deficiency diseases. With over 40 years of nutritional experience put into the Life’s Fortune ® formula, we believe the contents in a bottle of Life’s Fortune ® vitamins is worth its weight in gold when one compares a daily serving of power-packed nutrition to about the same price as a can of cola. And we guarantee 100% that your body will receive 10,000 times more benefit. At this time, we would like to end this education by stating that one can achieve a Fortune In Life by staying healthy. Health is Wealth ! For when your health is gone, everything else is worthless. So don’t wait until it’s too late, start prevention now.

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