Very Berry Tea




Very Berry Tea contains Bulberryto help improve visual acuity both at night and in bright light.
Very Berry Tea

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Very Berry Tea

Before making the tea, use a coffee grinder to grind the herb mix. Like coffee this breaks down the harder herbs and gives the tea a fresh, more potent flavor. You can also heat the tea; than blend it and strain with a paper towel.

In a sauce pan:

Combine one teaspoon of Very Berry Tea to one coffee cup (12-16oz) of water.

Cook on low for 10 minutes, or until it is very hot; but not boiling. Strain Very Berry Tea with paper towel.

This tea is a favorite for many people. It is a mix of bilberry fruit and leaves, elderberry fruit, red raspberry leaves, and a dash of orange peel. Bilberry has anti-aging properties. Bilberry also improves visual acuity both at night and in bright light. Elderberry fruit has been marked for its amazing immune boosting property. Elderberries and red raspberry leaves are used to reduce swollen or inflamed tissues. Red raspberry leaf and orange peel are high in vitamin C. Very Berry Tea is fabulous cool or hot.

Contains: Bilberry fruit, Bilberry leaf, Elderberry fruit, Red Raspberry, Orange Peel.


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