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S.S.S. TONIC Vitamin Facts
Vitamins! Taken as directed S.S.S. Tonic gives you more than the minimum daily requirements of Iron and certain important B-complex vitamins considered essential to good health.
S.S.S. Tonic Rich In Iron! Iron plays an important role in oxygen and electron transport, and it is used in all cells of the body, especially the red blood cells.
S.S.S. Tonic with Thiamine (B-1), is necessary for several critical functions in carbohydrate metabolism. Also thiamine is essential in neurologic function.
S.S.S. Tonic with Riboflavin (B-2), is involved in numerous oxidation and reduction reactions. Cellular growth cannot occur with riboflavin.
S.S.S. Tonic with Niacinamde (B-3), is an important vitamin of B-complex. It maintains the nervous system; helps metabolize protein, sugar and fat, and helps maintain a healthy skin.
Shake Well
(High-Potency Dose) 3 Tablespoonduls at any one mealtime or as directed by a doctor for a therapeutic dosage of iron, plus more than the minimum daily requirement of Vitamin B-1, B-2, and Nacinamde.
(6 to 12 years) – 1/2 tablespoonful three times daily, at mealtime or as directed by a doctor.
Keep tightly closed.
FOR BEST RESULTS take S.S.S. Tonic regulary according to the above directions to provide more than adequate intake of iron. Vitamins B-1, B2 and Nacinamde, or as directed by a doctor.


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